Der Pho­to­jouna­list Ste­phen Alva­rez pho­to­gra­fiert seit 1995 für Natio­nal Geo­gra­phic. Hier sind seine Bil­der vom ‘Tsingy de Bema­raha – Der stei­nerne Wald’

Con­ser­va­tion scurvy de Bema­raha extends from the pla­teau to the river Bema­raha Manam­bulu an area 152 hec­ta­res (the lar­gest pro­tec­ted area in Mada­gas­car). The reserve encom­pas­ses a range of rocks gray-blue color and a chain of peaks up to 50 meters, whim­si­cally trea­ted by wind and water over mil­li­ons of years. This “stone forest” live evol­ved snow white color lemur. Admis­sion is 10 euros, for which you can walk around the look­out and climb the cliffs and crevices.